Brad Bonn

Brad Bonn joined the Boston Dynamics team following more than 20 years of working with technologies ranging from software and cloud infrastructure to the core backbone of the Internet. His near-obsession with all things nuclear has been with him since childhood, so naturally, his first project with Spot was to equip it with a Geiger counter. He now operates the sales engineering branch of Boston Dynamics and works with customers and partners to ensure success with their utilization of Spot.

How to Gather Better Data and Reduce Dosage in Nuclear Facilities

Nuclear power constitutes more than half of the non-carbon electricity generated in the United States, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Given global decarbonization efforts, there is a strong likelihood that nuclear power will become a more significant contender in energy production as time progresses and demand continues to climb. 

Spot Collects Data and Senses Radiation in Nuclear Environments

Producing sustainable, clean energy is one of the most important problems for us to solve in our time. While it brings challenges of its own, nuclear energy continues to provide large quantities of carbon-free electricity to the world and will likely continue to do so for many years to come. Throughout the history of nuclear power, robotics have played an important role in the management, safety, and operations of generating plants. Agile mobile robots help these facilities to operate efficiently and safely, supporting remote inspection, dosage reduction, decommissioning, cleanup, and more.